image James Harig, of Cumbola, missing since February 5, 2012

james-harig-of-cumbola-been-missing-since-february-2012James Harig, of Cumbola, who would have turned 30 on February 19, 2016, has been missing since early 2012. He was last seen on February 5, 2012 on Sharp Mountain near the Hillside SPCA in Pottsville, where his friends stated they dropped him off. Harig was reported missing on February 19, 2012. Family on Facebook stated he was originally from the Port Carbon area.
A missing persons flyer reads, “His family and friends are concerned for his well-being. He has a young son and family are worried that something may have happened to him. Searches have been conducted and they ask the public to please notify authorities if they have any information. He has money in the bank that hasn’t been been touched and hasn’t filed for unemployment since the week he went missing. According to his family, he would not avoid contacting them and especially his young son. James likes to hunt and is an outdoors person. There is a possibility that something could have happened to him if he chose to walk on Sharp Mountain, according to police. A reward was raised of $2,500 offered by his family for information leading to his safe return.”

james-harig-of-cumbola-been-missing-since-february-2012-2Vital statistics:
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Scars: one above his right eye, another on his chin
Tattoos: block lettering of the name “Dylan” on inside of left leg; FTW with the F colored in solid black on outside of right leg.
Clothing: Red ball cap, bright blue Areo hoodie, jeans and boots.

If you have any information, contact Pottsville Police Department at 570-622-1234.

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