Justin D. Startzel
PFC Justin D. Startzel

Below is a comment posted by Private First Class Justin Startzel, 26, this evening on Facebook. Startzel, of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, recently completed basic training after joining Pennsylvania Army National Guard.
His comment reads:
“There is power in unity. And we as Americans must remember this. It is what makes us the strongest Nation in the world. It is why we are the United States of AMERICA. We cannot allow these radical terrorist, tear us apart. We stand as one. And we need to continue that. At the end of the day we may all have our own opinions on the situation at hand. But understand not every civilian from another country is as evil or wants to destroy our freedom. We need to understand that this country will always be the big brother and be here with open arms, for those who want freedom and purpose at life.

Not every civilian decides to live the life , that is forced upon them.

Do not allow them to destroy who we are. Do not be lead to think evil upon innocent civilians. Not everyone is dangerous.

Just stop and think for a second. Do you think we have the most safe of civilians here in the United States? We don’t. We have terrorist, murderers, rapist, and thieves in our own backyard. But do we judge ourselves. No. So before you judge a civilian base who has no hope and wants it, think about how you would feel living in a country where there is no hope and what is forced upon them.

Remember unity. Remember what this country is and will always be. A lot of people need to wake up and understand.

These terrorist will get what they deserve. If you think our Country is just standing by and promoting this behavior. You are wrong. Men and women are over seas 24/7 ready and are being deployed to continue fighting the war on terrorism and to help keep us safe at home.

Instead of bashing the person next to you. Go buy a $10 America flag and hang it on your front porch. Ask someone if they need a helping hand, instead of throwing fists. We will not change this world, if we do not change ourselves. We cannot continue to treat people the way we do.

Stay united. USA.”

Click HERE to watch the WNEP TV interview with Startzel.

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