YOUR OPINION? “What Can Be Done To Eliminate Illegal Drug Use In Tamaqua?”

What do you think can be done to eliminate illegal drug use in Tamaqua?

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  1. Stronger sentences for drug dealers… NO PLEA BARGAINING………. If a person OD’s , bring them back with the new thing they have to revive them and charge them with attempted murder…… Also charge them for the use of the first responders and what the cost was to revive them………


    • Yea, we have been doing just what you recommend for decades now, get tough, zero tolerance thing and the prisons are over crowded with non violent offenders, taxes have been raised again and again to build more and more prisons and in the end after the the feel good get tough stuff, the prisoners serve their sentence and are eventually released and have gone from being petty criminals to full blown hard core criminals because they have spent so much time behind bars associating with other criminals. Sorry, but there is a definition for those who keep wanting to do the same thing and then expect a different outcome.


      • There’s been some who think legalizing and taxing drugs like we do alcohol would drive down the violent crime related to drug use. But I don’t think we have a good answer yet to the problem.


      • First nothing is petty about killing people by selling to them. Second, get tough zero tolerance is obviously not in place when I know of people who got busted selling meth and shit and are currently out because they agreed to snitch. Just saying. They might be being tough but in my opinion they have to get a little tougher. I for one know I won’t be staying in this area cuz I will be damned if I start a family here.


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