Special to / Tuscarora Fire Company
Special to / Tuscarora Fire Company

Denise Skrabak of Lansford stated her appreciations to a number of individuals and organizations after overturning her vehicle along US209 west of Middleport Tuesday afternoon.
She said on Facebook:
“After being in a freak car accident yesterday that ended with my car flipped onto it’s driver side and smashed beyond repair, I find myself feeling completely blessed. Blessed that I was intelligent enough to be wearing my seat belt as it beyond doubt saved my life; blessed that somehow surprisingly my only wounds are a torn up left elbow and an achy body; blessed for the kindness of strangers: the three gentlemen who crawled into the shattered mess to free me from my car, the kind C.N.A. who helped temporarily bandage my bloodied arm, the many others who stayed with me till police and ems arrived, and the patient ems crew and state trooper; blessed for the crew at Hope’s Collision that eased my worries with their friendly faces and kind words. I am especially feeling very blessed to have such wonderful friends to work with: Ginny, Elizabeth, and Colleen, who always go above and beyond with kindness and aid; very blessed to have a generous daughter: Rosey, who offered to come home to help me, although I don’t need her to; and very blessed to have an amazing man in my life: Bob MacDonald, who shows how much he loves me each and every passing day. My blessings definitely outweigh my burdens right now and I am truly grateful and saying prayers of thanks for every one of them.”

Photos courtesy of Tuscarora Fire Company.


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