Coaldale Holiday Tree Lighting, Via C.H.O.S.E., Borough Hall, Coaldale, 11-29-2015 (19)Santa Claus arrived Saturday evening via firetruck during Coaldale’s Annual Tree Lighting program held in front of the Coaldale Borough Hall. The event is organized every year via C.H.O.S.E. volunteers.
In addition to Santa, the event included carols, gifts, a tree lighting, hot chocolate and cookies.
Mayor Joel Johnson spoke during the event, adding the borough’s appreciation for the dedication of all the volunteers that put the event together every year.
C.H.O.S.E. President Angela Krapf stated the organization’s appreciation to all who helped, donated and participated. Some appreciations given included: Coaldale Fire Company, Borough Police, Borough Council, C.H.O.S.E. members, Frank Hutta (who donated the tree), and others.
Councilmen present during the event were Mike Doer, Harry Hantz (also Santa’s helper), Yvonne Stoffey (also C.H.O.S.E. secretary/treasurer), and Krapf.
For more information, visit the C.H.O.S.E. Facebook page at Video:
Change YouTube’s setting to HD for better viewing. Photos:
(Click HERE to view these photos on Facebook.)

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