Little Flower Shower of Roses, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Nesquehoning (396)

Hundreds of people took to the streets of New Columbus in Nesquehoning in hopes of catching one of 300 flowers dropped from a helicopter during the 83rd annual Shower of Roses held near the Dicesan Shrine of St. Therese Lisieux, aka the Little Flower of Jesus, at the St. Francis of Assisi Parish.
The full-day event, held on October 4, 2015, started off with a Mass in the shrine, celebrated by the Rev. Msgr. Alfred Schlert, vicar general of the Allentown Diocese, and the crowning of the Rose Queen. Last year’s Rose queen was Beatrice Petschauer and the Rose Princess was Grace Ann Williams.
Following the mass, devotees processed around the Little Flower development while reciting the rosary. The parade featured Grace Ann Williams (2015 Rose Queen), Urielle Bertsein Cuebas (2015 Rose Princess), and Beatrice Petschauer (last year’s Rose Queen).

The parade featuring Grace Ann Williams (2015 Rose Queen), Urielle Bertsein Cuebas (2015 Rose Princess)
The parade featured Grace Ann Williams (2015 Rose Queen) and Urielle Bertsein Cuebas (2015 Rose Princess).

A benediction was held afterwards, immediately followed by the Shower of Roses, which involved a helicopter dropping 300 roses overhead.
According to the event’s website, the Rose Queen will change into Carmelite habit during the benediction to represent St. Therese during the rose drop. She will be standing on the stairs of the shrine as the roses fall down over the attendees.
The website adds that roses represent the belief that when someone’s prayer is answered by St. Therese, that person will smell the fragrance of roses, or find a rose in an unusual place. The belief is thought to have come from St. Therese’s promise to send a shower of roses to earth as proof of God’s existence. St. Therese was canonized in 1925.
The event and more photos could also be found on Facebook at

Click HERE to view the story in the Times News. Video of Procession Parade prior to Shower of Roses: Video of Benediction Service prior to Shower of Roses: Video of Shower of Roses: Photos:
(Click HERE to view these photos on Facebook.)
(Click HERE to view more photos on the Shrine of Saint Therese’s Facebook page.)


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