Zach Gilbert / Special to
Zach Gilbert / Special to

The driver of a flatbed tractor-trailer carrying steel barriers suffered injuries after apparently losing his brakes on SR93 (Broad Mountain) and crashing at the intersection of US209 in Nesquehoning. The tractor and its trailer came to a stop after crashing into 2 parked used vehicles and a backhoe staged in the lot of Creitz Auto Sales/Cooper Tires. It is not known if the tractor-trailer flipped.
Nesquehoning patrolman Tim Wuttke said the driver was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital in Coaldale with less than severe injuries.
The truck, belonging to Kritsak Trucking Inc. in Alletown, appeared to be carrying steel water-diversion barriers.
Responding were Nesquehoning Fire Department, Nesquehoning Police, Lehighton Ambulance, Nesquehoning Fire Police, Hometown Fire Police and others.
Firefighters on scene stated that the area is well-known for out-of-control tractor-trailers that lose their brakes on SR93’s steep grade. They added that most are able to utilize the emergency pull-off near the bottom of the Broad Mountain, but some aren’t able to and crash at the intersection of US209.
It took over 5 hours for crews with Zenier Towing of Hazleton to remove and cleanup the area. Video: Photos:


  1. I think the state police or someone should patrol the mandatory stop at top of broad. Ive been pulled in there n the gps warrior’s blow right by n not stop. And i suppose this man could not read the run away truck ramp signs 1/2 mile before stop sign. This man needs his license taken . This was not a mistake just ignorance to road signs. Im glad he did not kill someone die to his stupidity and ignorance.


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