Day 4 of Search for Jesse Rex Farber, Sharp Mountain, Tamaqua, 8-16-2015 (100)Family and friends of Jesse “Rex” Farber, who has been missing since Tuesday, August 11, 2015, are asking the community for a new search set for this Saturday (October 24, 2015). They are hoping for needed manpower, search dogs, quads and any other helpful resources.
Information from Jesse mother’s (Norma Jean Fritz’s) Facebook page reads,” Dear friends and family…we are once again forming a search party for Jesse Farber…my son..who has been missing since August 11. We are searching the same mountain but a different area…the area of the mountain from Leiby’s Ice Cream on Mountain Road, Tamaqua PA all the way to my moms off of Valley Road heading towards high school. We are meeting at 10 a.m. this Saturday. Tentative meeting place is the baseball field at Rabbit Run Reservoir. We are looking for able bodies AND dogs AND horses!! Quads are also helpful. PLEASE SHARE AND PM ME, TEXT OR CALL IF PARTICIPATING. AGAIN….DOGS ARE IMPORTANT. 570-449-3985.”

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