FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY: Tamaqua Lions Club Donates to Local Emergency Service Organizations

Members of the Tamaqua Lions Club presented checks totaling $3,000 to six local emergency service organizations during their regular meeting held at their Lions Club Grove in Tamaqua. This is the Tamaqua Lions Club largest annual continual donation. Organizations receiving donations were Tamaqua East End Fire Company, American Hose Fire Company, Citizens Fire Company, South Ward Fire Company, Tamaqua Rescue Squad, Tamaqua Fire Police, and Hometown Fire Company. Some representatives pictured from left are Tamaqua Ambulance Chief Joel Essington, Tamaqua American Hose Fire Company members Captain Jay Hollenbach Jr, President Bill Weaver, Tamaqua East End Fire Company Captain and President Michael Angelo, Tamaqua Citizens Fire Company Lieutenant and Treasurer Jack O’Brien, Tamaqua Fire Police volunteer Richard Wentz, Tamaqua South Ward Captain Mark Bower, Tamaqua Fire Police Lieutenant Brent Confer, and Tamaqua Lions Club President Steve Bayer.

FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY (July 27, 2010), members of the Tamaqua Lions and Lioness Club made donations to local emergency service organizations at their grove.

Click HERE to view photos of the event.
Click HERE to view all photos of the Lions Club meeting at their grove.
Click HERE to view all photos of the Lions Club’s new brick grill at their grove.

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